Detalji lokacije za Milan Malpensa Arpt T1

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12 July 2024
Monday 7:00 - 23:59
Tuesday 7:00 - 23:59
Wednesday 7:00 - 23:59
Thursday 7:00 - 23:59
Friday 7:00 - 23:59
Saturday 7:00 - 23:59
Sunday 7:00 - 23:59


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Additional Driver

Rental conditions apply to all additional drivers. An additional driver surcharge is applicable to each additional driver at a rate of 5.00 EUR per day exclusive of VAT and airport/railway fees (where applicable).

Upute do terminala

When exiting from the arrival gate at Malpensa Terminal 1, turn right and follow the rent a car sign inside the terminal. The office is located on level -1 in the car rental area. FOR CUSTOMERS LANDING AT TERMINAL 2: Upon exiting the Arrivals Gate at Malpensa Terminal 2, just keep your left and follow the signs pointing to the railway station. The car rental area is inside the building next to the Terminal 2.

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